Scientific editing and consulting to bring your ideas to life.



We are a team with 20+ years of experience publishing scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, presenting our work in international conferences, submitting regulatory documents, and writing award-winning grants.

We strive to provide the best writing and editing services to our clientele, in addition to consulting services. When you hire us, you don't just hire an editor. You hire a team that includes writers, scientists, translators, and graphic designers to help elevate the quality of your work.

Simply, we will make your original work better.

We specialize in manuscripts, presentations, grants, protocols and regulatory submissions. 




You give us a draft and we will get it ready for publication. We can help at any step, from editing for clarity and good flow in English, to formatting the text and references for specific journals, and responding to reviewers. 

We can also write the cover letter and handle all communications on your behalf.

Is your work in a different language? No worries. We can translate it. 


We help you edit, format, and bring the most exciting ideas to award-winning proposals.


Translations by scientists that are native speakers, to and from: 

- English

- Spanish

- German

- Portuguese


Do you have a conference coming up? We can help create high quality presentations guaranteed to wow your audience. Give us a draft and we will help you bring it to life.


Our team has produced over 500 posters for international conferences. We know how to communicate the science clearly to engage the audience.


We have extensive experience in the biomedical industry. We can help with more than formatting theses, writing and editing documents for clinical protocols and regulatory submissions (Europe, Mexico, Argentina and US), and patents. We can be your partners in translational medicine. 


We aim at providing the most accurate estimates, but we understand scopes can change. We offer special discounts to academic institutions.



We format your manuscript and/or references for compliance with the target journal, and provide basic editing and proofreading services.


We edit for clarity and better flow. We re-write compelling introductions, abstracts, materials and methods, discussion, grants, summaries or sections for regulatory submissions, and thesis formatting.


If your original document is in another language, we can translate it and edit it at the same time, creating a masterpiece in the target language. Send us your files for an accurate estimate.


We can create figures and edit yours for clarity as needed. We also provide statistical analysis as appropriate, and high quality graphs. The price is per figure, independent of the number of panels each figure may have.


You give us a draft, and we return a high quality file, ready to print. We take care of the logos and editing the contents for better flow and clarity.


Graphic designers meet scientists = perfect combo for outstanding results. We will create content guaranteed to captivate the audience.



We treat every file received as confidential, and do not disclose nor discuss its content with third parties. We do not share the names of our customers.


We accept PayPal, credit cards, wire transfers and checks.
We will send you a proposal and once you accept it, we will start working on your project.


We always meet our deadlines and we will help you meet yours, too. However, we do charge extra to accommodate last minute requests. Our rush fees are double the regular fees.


We do not produce work on behalf of students.  We will be happy to provide editorial comments and guidance,  and make sure your work meets the academic standards required.


Who are our main customers?

Researchers from:

  • ​Stanford 

  • UPenn

  • UCSD

  • UCLA

  • San Jose State University

  • UCSF

  • Univ of Miami

  • NYU

  • University of Buenos Aires

  • University of Cordoba

  • UNAM (Mexico)

Clinicians at: ​

  • Private practice

  • Conde de Valenciana 

  • Bascom Palmer Eye Insitute

  • Hospital Santa Lucia

Ophthalmology start-ups
Translational scientists
Physician entrepreneurs
Clinical consultants

Regulatory consultants



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One of the greatest perks of our job is interacting with our customers.
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